Unsurpassed tranquillity at Aiyasha


Along with fine beers and hearty meals, spas have long been a staple of life in Bavaria, with people flocking to this part of Germany for centuries in search of a little relaxation. Over recent years, however, a handful of innovative locations have transformed the whole spa experience, successfully marrying together the traditional favourites of yesteryear with the very latest in health and wellbeing thinking. And, arguably nowhere illustrates this modern approach to pampering quite like the Aiyasha spa and wellbeing centre.

Despite being situated in the very heart of Munich, next to the famous Opera House, the centre still manages to offer a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of the Bavarian capital. This is largely down to the work of the Aiyasha Spa’s founders, a trio of leading German dermatologists who have long been at the forefront of combining professional medical expertise with both cosmetics and pampering techniques. Under their direct supervision, the expert team offer an exclusive range of both Oriental and Western techniques, including forming body wraps, anti-cellulite sessions, and personalised skin checks, along with herb steam baths, algae packs and even special lymph drainage systems designed to flush toxins out of the body. Guests checking into the Aiyasha Spa are able to make full use of the five individually-designed treatment rooms, all complete with private changing rooms and showers.

Additionally, guests have full and exclusive use of the in-house steam bath facility, the Thai massage suite and the yoga lounge, which in itself is equipped with two private marble bathrooms and underfloor heating, plus special Eastern tea is always on hand to help aid the relaxation process. But what really sets the location out from the numerous other spas dotted across the south of Germany is the complete focus on the health of the guests. Visitors are invited to book a consultation with one of the expert medical team before they indulge themselves in a day of pampering. This means that they not only leave the spa and step out into downtown Munich looking much younger and fresher, they will also feel as good as they look!

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