Spa magic in Bavaria


No two people are the same. So why should they be offered the exact same spa and wellness treatments? That’s the underlying philosophy of Althoff, exemplified by its acclaimed 4 Elements Spa, located at its Seehotel Uberfahrt. Unlike many spas and wellness centres, where just a small selection of treatments are on offer, here the spa is divided up into four separate treatment rooms, each offering a range of specialities.

Alongside this are a relaxation area, outdoor spaces and pampering rooms, with guests free to choose any combination they wish rather than having to stick to a prescribed schedule. At the same time, however, guests are actively encouraged to try something new and let them be not only pampered but also ‘surprised’, again a philosophy that sets Althoff Seehotel Uberfahrt¬†apart from its rivals.

One other thing that is unique in Europe is the Seehotel’s innovative gold quartz lounger. Previously only used in the medical field, this is a lounger that is filled with gold-plated quartz stones. When these are warmed to a precise temperature, they help relax muscles all over the body, giving the sensation of complete and utter wellbeing. Other highlights of the spa and wellbeing centre include the Amphibia Lounger, a heated waterbed enjoyed as part of a general water therapy session, complete with rainbow massages and integrated light treatments.

Again, the key aim here is to induce a sense of complete relaxation, with sensual pleasure coming alongside complete recuperation. To enhance this further still, a session in the Singing Bowls Suite, where specially-trained therapists gently hit bowls so that sound waves pass from through from the head to the toes, will ensure that the mind and the soul are reached just as much as the body. Guests are invited to enjoy an afternoon’s pampering on their own or, as many people prefer, with their partner or even a friend.

The innovative Althoff spa welcomes couples and even has a special Partner Suite, designed to allow such magical moments to be shared. As well as inducing a deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing, couples’ treatment packages have also been credited with enhancing feelings of connectedness and, above all, creating shared memories that will last long after a couple have headed home from picturesque Bavaria.

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