The Telegraaf Hotel Tallinn – a true gem


Many a hotel is described as a gem, but there is one in Tallinn that is a veritable sparkling diamond. The Telegraaf Hotel Tallinn is a five-star establishment set in the most historic of surroundings, at the heart of the city’s Old Town.

For guests who want to see history, here it is in excelsis. The Old Town is a Unesco World Heritage Site, with the district dating back to the 13th century. That was when Teutonic knights built the castle and Tallinn was established as a member of the Hanseatic League. The fortress is still there alongside the medieval treasures like the cathedral and the winding, historic streets. Ever since then, the district has been the administrative centre of Estonia, and it has thankfully survived well despite the effects of many wars down the centuries.

The Telegraaf has plenty of history of its own, being built as a four-storey house in 1878, designed by St Petersburg architect Peter Schreiberg. Two more floors were later added and the building was split between the premises of a merchant bank and apartments. However, it was closed in WW1 and became a telegraph station, gaining its modern name. It just about survived a bombing raid in 1944 and remained a telecommunications centre until 1991. Since its conversion to a hotel, the Telegraaf has become one of the very best hotels in Tallinn, but it has never lost its heritage. This can be experienced in the Symphony Lounge, which offers luxurious banquets and fine tea breaks, all prepared by the hotel’s excellent culinary team. It has an elegant fireplace that epitomises the finery of the setting and makes it an ideal place for business meetings.

There are also some modern luxuries people can enjoy, such as the Elemis Spa. With a range of massages, a three metres by ten metres pool, a jacuzzi, sauna and steam bath, everything is in place to ensure guests using it can wind down and relax after a long day of meetings, or as part of a great getaway. Add fine facilities to a grand setting and an internationally celebrated heritage, and it is not hard to see why the Telegraaf truly is a gem.

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