Eat to impress at the Savoy Boutique Hotel


Impressing business partners is often a hit-or-miss affair, with the consequences of getting it wrong being significant. However, for those who want a dead cert when it comes to wining and dining in Tallinn, there is one place to go – the City Wall Chamber in the Savoy Boutique Hotel.

Quite simply, there is no other venue in the city like it – and few anywhere that could compare. It does not just carry the name of the city wall, it actually includes it. The 13th century edifice that once marked the location of one the gates of Tallinn is now the wall of this cosy, atmospheric bar. If your guests want to see some of the city’s history, here it is – if not literally on a plate, then right next to it.

The construction of the walls mainly took place in the 14th century, between the 1310s and 1355, although additional fortifications were built in the 16th century. By that time, the wall was 2.35 km in length and had no less than 27 wall towers, eight gate towers, nine front gates and 12 peel towers. Like so many city walls, these have been depleted as the ravages of war and time have taken their toll. However, 1.85 km of the wall still remains, including 18 wall towers, four gate towers and the ruins of three ruined gates. Its substantial preservation is one of the reasons the medieval Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site. A small venue designed for a maximum of 20 people, the venue is ideal for private lunches and dinners, be they for business or pleasure. Having been impressed once by the city wall, guests will be delighted with the menus, with some excellent Estonian speciality dishes on offer. Put together, the food and the setting will make a big impression on your business partners. As a result, any walls between you and them will prove rather less enduring than those of medieval Tallinn.

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