Tallinn’s top five luxury restaurants


One of the best aspects of luxury travel is being able to sample a wide range of fine food from top restaurants, particularly far from home where local ingredients and dishes provide plenty of novelty.

Visitors to Tallinn can certainly eat extremely well and there are many fine restaurants to try out, with the following five luxury venues topping the bill. Try them all and see which you like best.


Bocca is a gourmet Italian restaurant seating up to 60 people and has gained more international acclaim than any other establishment in Estonia. Restaurant Magazine UK listed it at number 15 in its list of the World’s Top 50. No other restaurant in Estonia made the list.

Restaurant Ö

Named the best restaurant in Estonia in both 2008 and 2009, the establishment has been revamped with new chefs and emphasises a sensational combination of flavour and variety, with four, six and even eight course tasting menus. Whether it is cured duck, Estonian quail or blackcurrant leaf ice cream, there will be a fabulous dish in an Estonian style – combined with a Nordic twist – to suit any palette.

Restaurant La Bottega

Like Bocca, this is a highly-ranked Italian restaurant and just the place to go for those who love to match good food with great wine. The establishment won the Silverspoon Award in 2009 and is a perennial member of the list of the 50 Best Restaurants in Estonia.

Restaurant Chedi

This is definitely the place to go for Asian cuisine. Awarded the best restaurant of Tallinn award in 2011, it mixes great food with a quintessentially Asian decor. It was established in conjunction with top London restaurateur Alan Yau.

Restaurant Tchaikovsky-Hotel Telegraaf

Located in the opulent five-star Telegraaf hotel, this 55-seat establishment is a truly unique place, due to its fusion of Russian and French cuisine. The result is a feast of flavours and when combined with the marvellous setting, it is no surprise the restaurant has won numerous honours. These include being listed as the best restaurant in Tallinn and second best in the whole country in 2013, while that year’s Silverspoon awards listed it as Estonia’s best restaurant, best hotel restaurant and best gourmet restaurant.

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