The joy of Christmas in a hotel


There are many ways to spend Christmas. You could have it at home or spend it with a family member. You could have a large gathering or a small one. Your day might be all about traditions such as turkey, pudding and the Queen’s Speech, or some customs all of your own.

However, for many the idea of spending huge amounts of time, effort and money entertaining, cooking, wrapping presents, decorating and planning is not a very compelling one. So why not try something different like spending it in a hotel? Undoubtedly one of the great appeals of Christmas in a hotel is the chance to get away from it all. No more crowds, noise, excessive expectations from relatives or general busyness. Imagine slipping away as a couple or a family and escaping from it all, either overseas or at least a fair distance from home? This still means you can have your own celebration, open lots of presents and enjoy a great Christmas dinner washed down with some nice drinks. But someone else will cook and do all the work, leaving you and your loved one(s) to enjoy the day and relax knowing there will be no washing up, no piles of wrapping paper to recycle and no worrying about guests being late.

If you decide to go somewhere mountainous or a long way north, you could increase your chances of enjoying a white Christmas. Make sure you pack a camera and get ready to take lots of scenic pictures. Apart from all the stress and hard work you can avoid, there is also the sheer novelty. Many people can find Christmas Day a bit boring as they do the same thing year after year. However, by booking into a hotel you can experience something very different, especially if it’s somewhere you have never been before.

For some, Christmas can be very stressful and leave folks feeling like they need a holiday. So why not make the event itself into one? It’s a decision you will never regret.

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