The key to a classy Christmas house


With Christmas coming, nearly everyone will want to decorate their home on the inside and many will want to add some more touches outdoors as well. However, while many will go mad with the colour, baubles and tinsels, there is a risk of overdoing it. Many homes, for example, are festooned on the outside with Christmas lights and while some will regard this as spectacular, most people over the age of ten will be prone to consider it somewhat garish and tacky. The key is, therefore, not to overdo it. Leave that to others and let your home stand out for its elegance and style.

Colour themes are one great way to make a home stand out. Whether it is your lights outside or in, or the colour of baubles and tinsels, using one two or three colours consistently throughout can add some real style and class. This is particularly so if you stick with white or silver, gold and red. The tree can play a key role in this. While artificial trees can be re-used and are very convenient, there is nothing more stylish than a real one. Rather than smothering this in a random splurge of tinsel and baubles, try carefully and sparingly spacing the decorations evenly. For the other decorations around the house, look to add plenty of light and bright colours. Again, rather than a kaleidoscopic scattering, keep the range of colours limited, and try to use warm ones.

Candles can also be very effective in conveying warmth, both literally and metaphorically. They will also help add a great traditional look. Outside, the use of lights should be kept to one colour. A great idea is to attach these to a bush that bears berries or mistletoe, to highlight a Christmassy theme. Again, something warm like gold or yellow can help make your home look welcoming. Indeed, for an extra touch a Christmas wreath is a must-have for the door. It indicates that the home your guests will enter is celebrating the festive season with great style. If the interior matches that intent with reality, yours will be the most classy home in the street this year.

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