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Whitehall Place is a fantastic part of London to visit and not just because of the impressive building that is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the capital, but because of the wonderful and unique shops that surround it. From sweets to tricks and tobacco – if you are looking for something a little bit different and off the beaten track, then make sure to include a visit to the following in your London itinerary. Davenports Magic Shop It doesn’t matter how old you are, a magic shop is always a wondrous place to behold – after all, laughter is the best form of medicine. From folding coins for beginners, to DVDs of professional performances, Daveports has been a major player in the world of magic since 1898.

If you are visiting with a child, why not book them in for one of the daily magic workshops? Or you can sign up for a three day adult magic course if you fancy yourself a bit of a David Copperfield! Foyles Royal Festival Hall If you are after a brand new read, or just enjoy browsing what collections are available, head to Foyles Royal Festival Hall. Similarly to Davenports Magic Shop, it has been a London institution for over 100 years, having opened in 1906.

The family-run book shop has everything you can ever imagine, from books on philosophy, poetry and travel, to fiction, guides on London and graphics. There is also, of course, a wonderful children’s section too. Foyles Royal Festival Hall doesn’t just stop at books either, as there is also a number of printed music, gifts and magazines on sale which are related to the wonderful arts and literature offered at the South Bank Centre.

Segar and Snuff Parlour if you have always wanted to see what an old fashioned tobacconist should head over to the Segar and Snuff Parlour which is situated in the colourful Covent Garden, only a short walk from Whitehall Place.As you walk into the shop, which can be found in the basement of an old fruit market, you will be impressed by the wide selection of wooden pipes which line the windows and the variety of Havan Cigars to choose from.There is also a variety of lesser known products available and the staff are friendly and more than happy to offer their expert advice.If you are looking for somewhere to lay your head after a day of shopping, the Corinthia Hotel London is a fantastic choice.

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