M by Montcalm – this is how to celebrate Christmas


Christmas is almost upon us and the M by Montcalm hotel in London is the place to be if you are booking a last-minute festive stay. Leave behind the normal Christmas of having to host a whole family, with all the cooking, cleaning, assembling of an extra table from a flat pack lost somewhere in the attic and all the other stresses and strains of the period. Instead, enjoy a Montcalm Christmas and really relax.

The Montcalm Tech City is located in Shoreditch, normally a buzzing centre of the tech industry where the new devices and innovations of tomorrow are being created today. However, even the techies will no doubt be taking some time off. But few will party so well or relax so much as visitors to the Montcalm. Visitors to London can also stay at the Montcalm Marble Arch, where the frenzy of last-minute West End Christmas shopping will be coming to a climax and all will then be so much calmer. Similarly, the Marble Arch Hotel, the The Montcalm At The Brewery London City and the London City Suites by Montcalm will all offer a wonderful oasis of peace and comfort away from the hurly-burly of last-minute Christmas preparations.

The wonder of a Montcalm stay is in the sheer style and spaciousness of the rooms, a fine thing at any time, but so much more so when the holidays arrive and you want to stretch out, relax and know that whatever the world is doing outside, you have an oasis of calm to enjoy. Even so, with their lively restaurants and bars, Montcalm hotels can offer plenty of cheer. But perhaps even more importantly, they provide a wonderful base to enjoy all the finest Christmas sights in London. Whether you want to visit the local hostelries, admire the Christmas lights at night or even watch the Christmas Day swimmers in the Serpentine in Hyde Park, you can enjoy a London break like no other.

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