Try a new concept with the Swedish tree hotel


At this time of year the only tree some people are thinking of is a pine sitting in their living rooms covered in baubles and fairy lights. However, in sweden trees are not merely a thing to hang decorations on, but an actual place to enjoy a hotel stay. Tree Hotel is a novel concept, but also a wonderful one that enables visitors to get out of the cities and enjoy the amazing countryside, vast forests and wonderful fresh air that Scandinavia offers. Among the various places people can stay is the Cabin, at lullea. Suspended between several trees, the idea was based on the notion of creating a platform on the steep hillside overlooking the Lule Valley.

Reached by a horizontal bridge, it has a large wooden deck and measures 24 sq m in size, with room for two people with a double bed, bathroom and terrace. If you want a secluded, romantic break in the forest, this is exactly it. The Cabin may seem curious, but the Mirrorcube is even more so. It has mirrored outer walls that reflect the forest back, almost hiding its presence. Measuring 4x4x4 metres, it is based on an aluminium frame wrapped round a tree trunk, with one tree actually growing up into the accommodation inside. Its windows offer some wonderful views. If the Mirrorcube looks like something out of a science fiction film, why not go the whole hog and stay in the UFO? This extraordinary structure not only looks like a flying saucer, but offers 30 sq m of space, enough to accommodate five people, including two adults in a double bed and three children, plus a bathroom area.

You will make all your friends envious when you emulate ET and phone home.  Below the treehouses, Britta’s Pensionat is open for guests at this and the other extraordinary forms of accommodation there . It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a TV area and sauna. This is also where new arrivals check in.  Other capsules include the Bird’s nest and the Blue Cone, while visitors can enjoy activities ranging from sled dog racing to spotting the aurora borealis. Quite simply, a Tree Hotel stay will be like no hotel stay you have ever had before.

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