Party like a Londoner on New Year’s Eve


New Year’s Eve is a great party night no matter where you might live, but there is something special about spending this time in London. At midnight, millions will watch on their televisions as the famous chimes of Big Ben ring in the hour and with it a new year, so why not be among those who can actually hear the bongs for real? One great way to do so is by staying in a London hotel on New Year’s Eve. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded people precisely because everyone will be celebrating the same occasion, so a good party atmosphere is assured.

Perhaps the best places to stay are not just in central London, but with a view of the river, over which the fireworks will go off in a cacophony of sound and light at midnight. If you can see Big Ben and the London Eye, so much the better.  Among the great hotels to stay in are The Tower in Battersea, The Royal Horseguards Hotel and the Corinthia Hotel London, all of which offer a great river view. Of course, you may decide to stay in another London hotel and there are many around the West End and elsewhere that will not only still have a decent view of the pyrotechnics, but offer a great atmosphere for a party.

Indeed, here is one respect in which those enjoying a hotel stay will be better off than Londoners celebrating in their homes, as it will be someone else’s job to clear up the string from the party poppers, the fallen champagne corks and the empty bottles. Let someone else do all that for you, and maybe add some room service if you want to make it a late one and keep the fun going. You will have enjoyed a great party, but everything will look pristine and fresh as a new day dawns and you say hello to 2016. After a refreshing first sleep of the year in a comfy hotel bed, you can be ready and raring to go in the new year.

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