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If you’re looking for your next MICE (meetings, incentive, conference and exhibition) venue, but you want something that’s upscale and independent, then Eventful is the perfect place to find this. This new e-magazine is a quarterly showcase of upscale, independent MICE venues worldwide. It focuses solely on luxury and unique venues – making it ideal for those of you who want something extra special.

Instead of looking at the biggest brands and names that can offer global venues, Eventful will share the latest independent and smaller luxury venues that can be found across the world. Specifically for the MICE community, Eventful will include information for all your needs, as well as raising awareness of industry issues. The next issue will be particularly exciting, as it includes an interview with Martin Lewis and Jennifer Jenkins. Not only does Eventful offer all of the information you could need to plan your next MICE event, but it can offer advice on how to make your events even better.

Still not sure what you’re looking for?

When asked what makes a venue stand out, some of the UK’s most seasoned MICE planners and buyers said…What’s the first thing you look for in an upscale venue? “The unexpected.”"A venue that’s taken care of – flawless in terms of decoration and maintenance.”How important is individuality or uniqueness in a venue?”Very!

There’s so much choice in London, so once the quality on all levels is reached, uniqueness will make the difference.”"It’s the most important part of our business.”What, specifically, are you prepared to pay a premium for?”Five-star service, both in pre-planning and on-site.”"Something different.”

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