Mix business and pleasure at the Lafodia Sea Resort


Working away from home can be tiring, so why not combine it with the beauty of the Lafodia Sea Resort on the island of Lopud just off Croatia? Far from the hustle and bustle of mainland Croatia, Lopud Island is a haven of relaxation, offering everything you could need for a business meeting or event. The polyvalent Avatar meeting room can hold up to 180 people and is equipped with the latest cutting-edge telecommunications and audiovisual technology. The entire room can be decked out with all of the necessary facilities, or it can be split into two meeting rooms for a more intimate setting. The room is illuminated by natural light and offers views like no other to impress your esteemed colleagues and business associates.

One of the most distinctive features of the island is its no-vehicle policy, which means it really does offer unspoiled views, free from the noise and air pollution that we are so accustomed to at home. In addition to catering for your business needs, the island of Lopud is the perfect destination to relax and unwind. With 11.5km of coastline, the natural beauty of the island is phenomenal. Enjoy the views from the peak of Polacica, or the stunning landscape that runs between its two parallel mountainous limestone ridges.

Lafodia Sea Resort comfort suite

The resort itself is surrounded by sea and by palm trees, enclosed in a marvellous natural setting illuminated by reflections from crystal-clear waters and the colours of lush, flourishing Mediterranean vegetation. Considered one of the best hotels in the Dubrovnik region of Croatia, the Lafodia Sea Resort offers luxury like no other.

Mix your business needs with a once in a lifetime luxury experience, and let yourself escape in this haven of bliss and relaxation.

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