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In the northern hemisphere, summer is coming and with it comes the thirst and the desire to be continually refreshed. Therefore, it seems fitting to dedicate one post to that element called water.

The simple act of drinking water can be converted into a unique experience for your senses. There is no doubt that the water is the perfect addition to any diet and necessary for every cell in our body, but this substance that is chemically known as H2O and has always been considered as tasteless and odourless, is revolutionizing the market and has become a luxury.

At the present time, there is a variety of waters that offer unique organoleptic characteristics, from different corners of our planet and sometimes they also come in a unique package design that transforms them in true works of art – such as the exclusive Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani, probably the most expensive bottle of drinking water in the world.

Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani

Experts have shown that different waters have different textures and flavours and that is why the most luxurious restaurants have a menu where you can select the brand you want to pair with different dishes and combine with best wines.

The price of these brands of water varies widely. Some of them cost over £100, like Fillico Jewelry Water, – a high quality water coming from Japan with pure luxury packaging, often found in the best parties of Hollywood Stars – and others do not even reach £2 for a 500ml bottle, like the case of The Fiji Water, which is the purest bottled water sold in the market as it is completely natural and bottled at source.

Chateldon is another good example of gourmet water. Emerged in 1650 as a tribute to Louis XIV, it is known today as the “Rolls Royce” of the waters. It is limited edition, with only 700,000 bottles a year, rich in bicarbonate, calcium and natural gas. It comes from five flowing springs located in an ancient volcanic area at ​​the municipality of Chateldon in France.

Cloud Juice brand with 9,750 drops of pure rain water per bottle comes from the King Island, between Australia and the northwest coast of Tasmania and has a nutty flavour with a velvety texture.

Bling H2O

Bling H2O

Finally, I would like to mention a high-end brand of water that has very brilliant quality and sophisticated packaging: The Bling H2O.  Created by the famous Hollywood writer-producer Kevin G. Boyd, it is ultra-premium water, produced in limited edition and extracted from very deep springs of the Smokey Mountains National Park in Tennessee. This gem of water has an exclusive package too, as their bottles have been glazed and hand decorated with Swarovski crystals creating a unique design. Bling H2O has won major awards including the gold medal at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Festival in 2010.

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