A Slice of Paradise…Necker Island


Today I will make you envious with a paradise on Earth that only a few privileged people have access to. It is the wonderful private island of Necker, located at the Caribbean Sea and belonging to the founder of Virgin Group, Richard Branson – who bought Necker for £60,000 when he was 27.

Necker Island

The Necker Island, with features of 74 acres, was reopened to the public last year. In 2011, much of it was destroyed after the burning thunder during Tropical Storm Irene. The divine land, has hosted countless celebrities such as Kate Winslet, Tony Blair, Mariah Carey, Harrison Ford, Princess Diana and Desmond Tutu.

At present, you will find the main house called Great House – a replica of the original with 8 guest rooms – and 6 private villas. All of them are inspired by Balinese designs, with wonderful views of the tropical island and a dedicated team of over 60 member staff to serve and meet your every need.

The Great House

The Great House

Surrounded by turquoise waters, you can enjoy delicious sushi banquets, spa treatments, tennis, golf or just stroll along the white sand beaches where nature will wrap you in his precious plants and animals – lemurs from Madagascar or giant tortoises from the Galapagos are your distinctive neighbouring residents.

If you prefer water activities, you can dive in the coral reefs, sail or simply relax in the wonderful infinite pool. But there is no doubt that you cannot leave the island without experiencing its fascinating air submarine called Necker Nymph where you  can relish an amazing underwater scene traveling to a depth of 30 meters.

Thanks to all that, the island makes possible that this piece of paradise can be rented as a whole by a total of 30 people and 6 children…Are you ready for a different holiday?

By Mr. Jones

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