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From global business to architecture, the United Arab Emirates have undoubtedly established themselves as true world leaders over the past few years. In fact, it’s pretty much true to say that whatever Dubai does today, the world is likely to follow tomorrow, with fashion no exception to this rule. That’s why the world’s leading designers, as well as the global style media, flock to the Emirate each year for Fashion Forward Dubai, a major industry event widely-hailed as the arbiter of future tastes and trends.

Additionally, students of fashion are also welcome to attend, adding to the dynamism of the event and ensuring it always stays ahead-of-the-times. Despite being just a few years old, and lacking the history of other major events on the global fashion calendar, including the famous festivals of London, Paris and Milan, the annual celebration has firmly established itself as the definitive fashion platform for not just Dubai but the whole of the Middle East, too.

Undoubtedly the big highlight, especially for members of the elite fashion press, are the catwalk displays showcasing the very best couture and ready-to-wear designs coming out of the region, as well as celebrating the finest accessories being produced right now. Alongside these spectacular shows, Fashion Forward Dubai also serves as a hugely important meeting point for industry leaders, with a number of talks, presentations and round-table seminars held over the course of the week.

Fashion Forward Dubai (or FFWD as it has become known in the industry) is held twice a year, first in April and then again in October, at the iconic Madinat Jumeriah Conference Centre, in the very heart of Dubai and right on the gulf, in the shadow of the world-famous Burj Al Arab tower. As well as FFWD, the Emirate also plays host to the annual Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience and, every few years, the Arab Fashion Week, while the Dubai Mall boasts one of the biggest and best collections of designer brands and boutiques anywhere on the planet.

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