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As one of the richest parts of the world, supercars are hardly a rare sight on Dubai’s gleaming streets. But dozens of the best new cars in the world, alongside iconic vintage vehicles and some of the biggest stars from the world of motor racing and popular entertainment? It can only be the Dubai Motor Festival! From the 10th to 21st of November, the Emirate will be taken over by speed kings, with a host of events scheduled to celebrate the very best in luxury motoring. Central to it all will be the Dubai Grand Parade, which will once again see a long procession of supercars ride through the heart of the Emirate.

Now in its third year, the procession will be led by the Dubai Police, whose own fleet of supercars would make any billionaire jealous, with the officers then followed to and from Meydan by local businessmen, royalty, celebrities and anyone whose vehicle gets the approval from the event organisers. Other highlights of the festival include the Best Decorated Car competition, an event that adds even more colour to the festivities, as well as the Motor Village, where nearly all of the leading marques show off their hottest new designs against a backdrop of music, fireworks and multimedia presentations, with visitors able to get up close and personal to some of the most valuable machines on the planet as well as having their photos taken with them.

Meanwhile, while members of the automotive industry and the press and welcomed to the Dubai International Motor Show 2015, members of the public needn’t feel left out, even if they own a Ford rather than a Ferrari. The annual Supercar Rides initiative gives everyone the chance to climb into the passenger seat of a supercar and take a lap of downtown Dubai and enjoy being cheered on by the ecstatic crowds. And, if that’s not enough, the Dubai Motor Festival also coincides with the Dubai International Rally, with legendary driver Ken Block in attendance throughout the whole two weeks to carry out meet-and-greets and talk about what it takes to compete at the very highest level of motorsport.

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