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In the past few years, many people have felt the squeeze of harsh economic times, and felt the need to cut back in various corners of their life. Ironically, this doesn’t tend to impact overmuch on the world of luxury travel and the reason is clear – people who spend all day every day, week in and week out, worrying about their expenses, counting every penny and making sure they don’t do anything too lavish, are all the more determined to ensure that there will be at least one part of the year – a weekend, a week or a fortnight – when they can relax and unashamedly wallow in a little bit of luxury.

What this means is that the demand for luxury accommodation in cities such as Dubai, Berlin and Paris is as high as it’s ever been, and the fierce competition for guests has driven down prices whilst improving quality. When a holiday or trip abroad takes up a fairly significant chunk of a person’s yearly income then they are all the more determined to ensure that each and every detail is as good as it can be, and 5 star accommodation is the surest means of making certain that this is the case. The luxury hotels group, offers accommodation of this kind all over the world, and makes finding, assessing and booking the perfect hotel for your needs both quick and simple.

The first question to ask is how long will you be staying for? If it’s a week or fortnight, then travelling a long way to get there, perhaps via a long haul flight needn’t be such a problem. If you’re just planning a weekend break, however, then the chances are that you don’t really want to arrive exhausted and spend the whole of the first day recovering from the stress of travel and the jet lag. A quick break, therefor, will probably be most enjoyable if it’s based in a city hotel a reasonably short distance from your home base. A city centre location will also mean that access to the hotel, whether by road or rail, will be quick and easy and, if you’re arriving by plane, then the onward journey is likely to be easy in logistical terms.

The second question will involve the precise location of your hotel. After all, just saying, for example, ‘Dubai’ is still fairly vague. You have to ask yourself whether you want to be located near one of the beaches, in the old part of the town rich with history and traditional market places, or close to a stunning modern attraction like Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest free standing building. The listing online will not only feature the details of each hotel but they will also list attractions which are nearby meaning that, as soon as you’ve booked your room you can set about planning the rest of your trip, even going so far as to book tickets for attractions and events in advance, thus maximising the time you actually get to spend enjoying yourself once you’re in the midst of your trip.

By Mr. Jones

Luxury Hotels Group