Find the Luxury Hotel that’s perfect For You


There are more luxury hotels now than there have ever been. This may seem like a contradiction in terms, in as much as a huge number of such hotels begins to render luxury the norm rather than the exception. Whilst it’s true, however, that some individual hotels now claim to offer 6 or even 7 star accommodation, incorporating such hugely extravagant touches as a personal in room chef, the standards which are recognised as being 4 or 5 star quality are easier to find than they’ve ever been.

One of the reasons for this is that overseas travel, and visits to major cities all around the world, is less expensive than it’s ever been. With bargain flights and rail tickets available, people have more money left over to spend on their accommodation itself, and the hectic pace of everyday working life means that when they do take a trip – whether for business or pleasure – people are all the more determined to be able to relax and enjoy themselves with a few days of self-indulgence. Another factor which has led to the growing number of luxury hotels is the widespread use of the internet to make travel arrangements. This means that individual travellers can take their time looking at the details of as many hotels as they wish and waiting until they find one which is perfect for their needs before committing to making a booking. The fact that such bookings can be made in the comfort of their own home, many months in advance, means that people no longer feel the need to rush into a booking through fear that rooms may become unavailable, since a simple tablet or laptop presents access to many tens of thousands of such rooms.

Another factor which enables people to make an informed choice is the presence of third party websites which collect and collate the information in an easily searched and assimilated format. No matter where in the world you wish to travel to, and which type of luxury accommodation you’re seeking, the luxury hotels collections will provide the answer to your needs and will allow you to compare and contrast and pick and choose before making your final decision. For each person, the priorities will be a little bit different. Perhaps the most important thing to you is a hotel which features an equipped kitchen, since you want the freedom of self-catering combined with the security of a 5 star hotel infrastructure. Others might select on the basis of proximity to the night-life of a city such as Berlin, Prague or Paris, or perhaps the presence of top quality health and fitness facilities. The answer, in most cases, will tend to be a combination of different factors. Mum likes the look of the beauty salon and spa, Dad can’t wait to sample from the impressive wine list whilst the kids are counting the seconds until they get to splash around in the rooftop pool. No matter what combination you’re looking for, finding it has never been easier.

By Mr. Jones

Luxury Hotels Group