Why the Indigo Pearl is a must for culture


For travellers keen to do more with their time away than simply be pampered and enjoy living in the lap of luxury for a week or two, the Indigo Pearl hotel offers the chance to get under the skin of Thailand’s fascinating national culture.

First and foremost a world-class hotel, the Phuket institution offers a range of accommodation options. From poolside villas decked out with exposed timbers and traditional furnishings through to the ultimate luxury and contemporary chic of the Pearl Shell Suites and the Bensley Suite, the whole hotel simply exudes style and warmth. But, unlike so many other hotels in Thailand, the Indigo Pearl is about so much more than lying back and taking it easy. It prides itself on offering a true insight into Thai life, with guests able to choose from a wide range of cultural activities.

One of the most popular options among guests looking to learn more about the history and traditions of their host country is the Nine Temple Tour. As the name suggests, this sees guests taken around local temples by expert guides, learning all about the architecture, the beliefs of the people and the role religion plays in modern Thai society. And, for anyone wanting to enjoy a round or two on the private golf course afterwards, the good news is that the number nine is considered lucky in Thai culture, and a tour of all the temples is especially believed to bring good fortune.

Other cultural highlights on offer include Thai language classes for beginners and cooking classes where guests can learn to create fresh, traditional dishes from scratch under the guidance of skilled experts. If history or cooking isn’t your thing, the Indigo Pearl is also renowned for its natural wonders. As well as a spectacular waterfall trail starting and ending at the front doors of the hotel, the venue is also famous for being home to the Heliconia, a unique work of floral art by acclaimed Australian artist Michael Pritchard. Anyone inspired by the work can also take a class in flower arranging, and there’s even the possibility of joining a meditation class while surrounded by this natural beauty.

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