The Dome Hotel and Spa Riga – a must for the bucket list


Travellers love to create bucket lists, with a tally of places they want to see, activities they yearn to experience and food they would love to try. The more discerning will take things further, of course, by adding particular hotels to ┬áthe bucket list – and for those whose travelling ambitions involve visiting Latvia, the Dome Hotel & Spa Riga is a must.

It is located in the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Old Town, so that’s one potential item on the list ticked off right away. But once in off the streets, it is the marvellous interior and its facilities that make this five-star piece of paradise the place to stay at. The rooms are simply sumptuous, with wood beams and sloping walls and ceilings giving them a cosy character and a touch of heritage. At the same time, these are wonderfully comfortable with large luxurious beds and large windows letting in plenty of light.

For business travellers, the meeting rooms are excellent, modern, spacious and smart, making them a fine place to do business. Of course, no hotel can claim to be a great one without fine food. The Dome, however, has superb restaurants, including a fish restaurant with some of the most delectable dishes, so this is a particularly good place to stay for seafood lovers.

As the name of the hotel suggests, it also has outstanding, spacious spa facilities, with the Finnish Sauna a particular delight and lots of chances to get a great massage or facial. When it comes to personal service, this hotel is great in other ways as well, with a brilliant 24-hour concierge service. Whether it is a restaurant booking, a flower delivery, private chauffeuring or a make-up session with a top beautician, guests will be looked after fabulously well in a myriad of ways. For all these reasons, it is no wonder the Dome won the World Travel Awards Best Hotel in Latvia prize in 2013. Put it on your bucket list now – you’ll be so glad you did.

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