Park Grand Breakfast Chapter 2 – Hyde Park


I often find that waking up in the morning is so much easier when you know you’ve got a big breakfast waiting for you. My colleague Eleanor and I had already decided to go to the Park Grand Hyde Park buffet breakfast, so I woke up excited and in a much better mood than I usually do.  The best part is that the hotel is only about 15 minutes walking distance from my place, and morning walks are essential to a healthy lifestyle. The hotel is not that easy to find if you’ve never been there as it is blended in with residential apartments, so to help you out, this is what it looks like:

Just off Westbourne Terrace, the famous Park Grand Hyde Park is waiting for you

We received a very warm welcome from the front office manager Gurdeep. He was very friendly and greeted us like he was happy to finally meet us. I’ve been to a lot of hotels and worked behind the counter, too, so I can tell you that good service is hard to find. Every hotel is different of course, but ultimately what makes every experience unique is the people. I like that you can always be surprised in terms of service quality and how little details can go a very long way.

Lounge Room

1 Bloody Mary please!

Gurdeep guided us downstairs to the spacious dining area. The room is underground so it doesn’t get too much natural sunlight, but you can’t really tell from inside. It is laid out so that a lot of guests can be seated without being too close to each other (overhearing conversations in the morning can be a pain), with the self-service buffet in the middle to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

Gurdeep introduced us to Anthony, the breakfast manager. We were seated at a table close to the centre of the room and Anthony very happily presented us the breakfast menu. We ordered English breakfast tea, what else? The best part: We can order eggs, cooked any way we want, along with the scrambled eggs in the buffet.


Buffet Rule n1: Always try a little bit of everything

The food was delicious and the selection was bigger than I had expected. There is a full English breakfast menu with tomatoes, beans, bacon, potatoes, sausage and mushroom, as well as a large basket of delicious croissants and Danish pastries. The Continental selection includes cheese, juice, cold cuts, fruit and a wide selection of yoghurt and cereals. However, what really surprised us was, once again, the service. Every member of the staff this morning was extremely friendly and attentive. They brought us pastries, refilled our orange juice, and knew when we needed something almost before we did, which is a rare talent. For this, I want to thank the breakfast team, Anthony, Monica and Loredanna, for the fantastic job they do.

Ellie & Food

Bon Appetit!

We also met the restaurant manager Marina and the chef Sampuran, who deserve a round of applause for the tight ship they run.

The team

From left to right: Loredanna, Monica, Marina, Sampura, Anthony & Eleanor

We also took some photos of the main public areas so you could get a feel of the hotel and its atmosphere. The lounge is very cosy and ideal for a drink after a long day at work when just want to unwind, and the lobby is made brighter by the receptionists and amazing fish tank.


When you’re feeling artsy…


The Goldfish family

Looking for somewhere to have breakfast or brunch? This is it.

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