Rome’s best museums and art galleries


When it comes to culture, there is nowhere quite like Rome. From the wondrous architecture to the important religious buildings, it is one of those places that you just have to visit. Rome is also well known for its wonderful museums and art galleries. With this in mind, here are some of the best to visit while in Rome.

Museo Nazionale dell’Alto Medioevo

Located on Viale Lincoln, 3, the Museo Nazionale dell’Alto Medioevo is the ideal museum for those who are interested in learning about the Middle Ages. From intricately-decorated weapons to pieces of jewelley and tapestries, the museum exhibits various materials that can be dated back from the 4th to the 14th centuries, most of which come from Rome and various cities in Italy. One of the greatest things about this museum is that it is among the least visited in the city, so you don’t need to worry about crowds and queues, which in Rome is something of an anomaly.


Going from the less visited to the supremely popular, Maxxi is the National Museum of Art from the 21st Century and the first breathtaking piece you will see is the building itself which was designed by the architect, Zaha Hadid. Filled with wonderful pieces of contemporary art and installations, Maxxi actually divided into two museums: Maxxi art and Maxxi architecture.

It is highly recommended that you take your time to experience both fully and as the museum is home to various touring exhibitions, as well as a permanent collection, you are guaranteed to have lots to see and do. From fashion, to history and culture, spread over 27,000 square metres, the museum is a treasure chest filled with wondrous pieces.

The Vatican

When it comes to art and architecture in Rome, Vatican City is itself like one great big gallery. From the impressive and equally important St Peter’s Basilica, to the Sistine Chapel, you can easily spend a day wandering around, taking in the sights and we strongly advise that you do so. The Vatican Museums were founded by Pope Julius II and house one of the greatest art collections in the world, having been built over centuries. From Egyptian mummies to breathtaking statues, you could easily spend a day here. Just make sure you dress in proper attire and keep your shoulders covered. Perhaps the most famous piece of art is that of the roof in the Sistine Chapel which was created by Michelangelo in the 16th Century. The Creation of Adam is one of the most important pieces of art in history, and while there are always many crowds who gather to find it, it is certainly worth the effort.

Museum and Crypt of the Capuchins

A trip to Rome isn’t complete without a visit to the Crypt of the Capuchins. You will have no doubt seen pictures of this unique spot and we can’t deny that it is a little bit creepy to behold. Located underneath the Capuchin church, the walls are lined with skulls while the bones of monks have been arranged to create patterns into the ceilings. A media museum has been added to the experience for those who really want to get to know more. However, we advise that those will younger children be prepared for a few nightmares to follow.

Capitoline Museums

The world’s oldest national museums are filled to the brim with wonderful classical sculpture. Created in 1471, the museum began its life after Pope Sixtus IV donated a number of bronze statues to the People of Rome, and it seems that such a tradition almost still stands. The majority of the museum’s collections are linked to the city itself and actually come from various artists in Rome. There are a number of masterpieces from famed sculpture including van Dyck, Rubens and Caravvigio, making this a must-visit establishment.

Capitoline Museums

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