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Travelling can be a horror for our hair and skin. We try to make an effort with our appearance, but it’s not long before we feel positively bedraggled. It doesn’t have to be this way though. Take on board these few tips and you can arrive on holiday feeling almost as fresh as when you left.

Keep your hair in shape

Somehow, travelling can add volumes to our hair – literally. The humidity on a long flight mixed with the air conditioning can leave us with hair that’s considered more than frizzy. No need to worry though. If you arm yourself with a mini hairspray and hair brush to travel with, along with some hair ties and grips then you’re all set. If worst comes to worst, that seemingly messy bun is in style at the moment and it can keep your hair out of the way.

Stay moisturised

It’s no secret that the air conditioning on flights is a nightmare for our skin. It really dries it out, so when we get to our dream destination we’re left with skin that feels tight and flaky. Not the best way to start the trip or for a base to work on that gorgeous tan. Chuck a mini moisturiser in your bag and stay light with the make-up and you can sort this right out. Stay moisturised and you’ll be ready for the sun as soon as you arrive.

Go comfortable

Obviously you want to look good, but I can guarantee that you’ll soon wish you hadn’t worn your nicest jeans and those to die for heeled boots. While you might start the trip looking fabulous, by the time you arrive you’ll feel sweaty and horrible, and your gorgeous outfit will have to go back in your case. Instead, pick out some comfier clothes that give your body room to breathe. And maybe keep a mini deodorant handy too.

Just these few small things can make sure that when you arrive you feel much fresher and you’re ready to grab your swimsuit and hit the pool to work on your tan.

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