How to pack for a Christmas weekend


With Christmas almost upon us, many people will be finalising their plans for the festive season, while others will have already done so. However, not everyone will be doing something familiar like staying at home or visiting family. Spending time away is a great way to enjoy the festive season in relaxing style. A long Christmas weekend spent in a hotel will be a wonderful occasion where you can escape the hurly burly and enjoy some quality time with those closest to you.

Of course, it is important to pack correctly whenever going away to a hotel, and even more so at Christmas. It makes sense not to take too much and leave yourself carrying huge, bulging suitcases. Equally, you don’t want to forget something important. A great way of planning is to make an inventory. Think of all the things you would use every day, such as a toothbrush, shaving kit and so on. Obviously clothes are part of the list, but check carefully if you need to take certain things. For example, there is no need to take soap, towels or a hairdryer if these are already provided.

Just as important as what not to take are the items you simply cannot be without. Presents will top the list, because few things could be worse than leaving those behind and ending up gift-free on December 25th. Of course, it is important to make sure these are packed very carefully. You should be aware both of the dangers of fragile gifts being bumped and damaged, and of wrapping paper getting torn.

For protection, pack soft clothes around them, but consider using bubble pack too. Also, consider what kinds of clothes and footwear you may need. If staying in a city, normal outdoor wear will be fine as you are likely to be travelling from building to building as you explore. If the location is more rural, however, it is important to have sturdy footwear and warm, waterproof clothing if you fancy going for a walk, particularly if it is likely to be cold and wet. So with a bit of good planning, you can ensure you pack just the right things for your Christmas weekend away, without travelling too heavy or light.

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