Hotel De Rome – Berlin’s secret to youth


As a city, Berlin is both old and young, bearing the weight of a mixed and often turbulent history, yet possessing a modern, forward-looking vibe in the 21st century. For many visitors to the city, their holiday may be all about a bit of personal renewal and reinvention; a chance to restore some youthful vitality and energy, and in doing so perhaps hold back a few grey hairs.

The Hotel de Rome is geared up with such people in mind.¬†It certainly has some history of its own, with this grand building in the heart of the city once being the headquarters of the Dresdner Bank. Situated on the Bebelplatz and adjacent to the fashionable Mitte district as well as Museum Island, everything new and old about central Berlin is well within reach. The transformation of the building has certainly been startling, with the former bank manager’s office now being a suite and the swimming pool now located where once a vault was filled with jewels.

Guests can enjoy some serious revival too. The spa facilities are so good one could be forgiven for thinking the hotel knows the location of the fountain of youth. Perhaps they do – only it’s a secret! As it happens, the ‘Fountain of Youth’ is one of the many treatments available at the spa, which is located in an old vault – with the old metal door still present – and it involves the use of herbal stem cells to revive the skin, stimulating its metabolism and ironing out those worry lines, with instant results leaving your skin looking smooth and young. This is just one of many treatments at the spa, which has a 20-metre pool, steam room, gym and sauna.¬†Whether it is a rose crystal lymphatic facial, a Thai massage, a Swedish massage or yoga on the sun roof, there will be a refreshing treatment to get anyone feeling youthful.

And with all that personal energy and vibrancy restored, it will then be time to head out and discover the sights and sounds of present-day Berlin.

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