Hear birdsong in Berlin at the Schlosshotel


Berlin is a big, bustling, historic city, one where, if the walls could speak, they would tell the most vivid tales of a long and often turbulent history. While the stories that can be told about humanity at its best and worst are many, there is still space even in this busy, funky, 21st century capital for other voices to be heard as well. Those staying at the luxurious Schlosshotel Im Grunewald will be wonderfully well placed to hear it, as its large gardens offer a green oasis in which the birdsong can always be heard, creating the most pleasant sounds to wake up to.

One of Berlin’s most exclusive districts, Grunewald is only ten minutes away from the heart of the city, offering easy access to a myriad of attractions, from historic buildings like the Reichstag to the Berlin Wall Memorial, as well as the city’s fabulous array of shopping centres, wonderful restaurants and lively bars. Despite this, staying at the Schlosshotel can feel like enjoying break in the countryside. The grounds are hugely spacious, with wide open lawns and tall trees surrounding the building itself, which has been built in a classical Germanic style. If sitting in the garden is one easy way for guests to enjoy themselves, it is but one of many.

For those who like a spa break this facility is exceptional, with a heated indoor pool, steam bath, saunas, jacuzzi and a fitness and treatment room. With a beauty salon built in, the spa offers relaxation, luxury and a great chance to detox and refresh. As well as all this, the hotel retains the same atmosphere and quality it always did, having opened back in 1914 and gaining a reputation as the place for the Bohemian set to stay. With its fine works of art, magnificent chandeliers, fine restaurants and relaxing cigar room, this is a hotel of the highest quality and exactly the place travellers would hope to find in one of Berlin’s most fashionable and leafy districts.

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