A hotel with the best of healthcare – the Breidenbacher Hof


There is no doubt that for many people the best thing about a luxury hotel stay is a chance to get a health boost. Whether that is achieved by spending lots of time in the gym or in outdoor activities, through detoxing in a spa or simply by taking a rest and getting away from the hurly-burly of life, the time spent away can be invaluable in getting back on track, with body and mind refreshed for the future. However, visitors at the Breidenbacher Hof – a Capella Hotel in Dusseldorf – can go one step further.

This hotel actually has medical professionals on hand to provide advice. Of course, there is a fine spa and fitness centre, with lots of great beauty treatments to make people feel relaxed and pampered. However, few hotels anywhere in the world could boast having trained doctors on the staff as part of a private medical practice. Whether it is cardiovascular health, physical endurance, dental treatments, immunology issues, back pain, neurology, hormone therapy, anti-ageing therapy, laser treatments or cosmetic surgery, all health needs are cared for here by some of the most skilled specialists in Germany. These extraordinary facilities are just part of what this great hotel offers.

Luxury and stylish treatment are, of course, standard in an establishment with wonderful, comfortable rooms and great dining. In addition, the location of the hotel is also fantastic. Set right in the heart of Dusseldorf, it is conveniently located for anyone sightseeing, shopping or visiting on business. An historic city located on the banks of the Rhine, Dusseldorf is a great place to visit. The river itself is wonderfully presented, with wide open spaces along its banks for the public to gather and its wide waters offering fine city views. Boat trips are a great way to get around and see some of the historic riverside buildings, such as the Altstadt, which is based around the east bank and features lots of delightful medieval buildings. It also features over 260 bars, which may not provide the healthiest of activities. But then again, the doctors will confirm a few drinks here and there will do no harm – and the local brews are excellent.

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