Go Barmy in a balloon over Bern


Home to the federal capital of the country, as well as countless towns and villages, the Canton of Bern is arguably the most fascinating of the Swiss Cantons. Moreover, with its idyllic mix of rivers, valleys and mountain views, it’s also one of the most beautiful. And there’s no better way to appreciate this beauty than to take a hot air balloon ride over the region. A number of tour operators offer leisure flights to intrepid tourists keen to discover Switzerland from the air, with strong levels of competition ensuring that such flights can be enjoyed by everyone from budget holidaymakers right through the discerning traveller enjoying the luxury hotels and world-class restaurants this part of Europe boasts in abundance.The one big draw of flying over Bern is the sheer diversity of the Canton.

Most guides will choose to follow the Aare River as it winds through lush green valleys towards the Hallwilersee. Dotted along the river are numerous quaint, traditional villages that look like they haven’t changed for centuries, while occasionally, a small, picturesque city, complete with old church and square will come into view.However, it’s not the towns and villages that give this central part of Switzerland its beauty. Rather, it’s the green countryside that surrounds the main city of Bern itself before reaching the foothills of the Alps.

Additionally, most balloon flights will also take guests over the Emmental region. As might be expected of a region famed for its long, proud tradition of cheese-making, the countryside here is a luscious green, with herds of cattle and small farms visible from the balloon basket, offering some spectacular photo opportunities.But for the best pictures, wait until the balloon gets closer to the Alps themselves. Approaching from the Bern region, the Jura chain of mountains soon comes into view, with its snow-capped peaks taking the breath away and ensuring that a balloon ride over the traditional heart of Switzerland really is an experience that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

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