Fourth & Final day in Berlin…


Berlin is about stimulating the senses.  Whether through the history, design or throb or the city, Berlin influences every touch-point of the mind and body.  For the most visual reference of this, the photographs of Helmut Newton at the Museum of Photography put into images what some cannot put into words.  The bold architectural neo-Classical building, of what was formerly an army officers’ casino, is the perfect setting to exhibit the life and work of one of the most important fashion and portrait photographers of the 20th century.  The exhibition examines more than 200 complex, innovative and provocative works, in both colour and black & white.  The “June’s Room”, namesd after Newton’s wife, features American portrait photographer Greg Gorman with a series of male nude photographs that were created between 1988 and 2012.  By showcasing both photographic artists we are given a visual, or provocative, display of the untainted human form, by Gorman, or luxurious glamour at its best from Newton.

Museum of Photography

For another nod back in time, and for a memorable or special night, the restaurant Heising, located in 32 Rankestrasse, inspires a feeling of traditional charm and style.  Considered one of the best places in Berlin to enjoy a delicious French cuisine, it is an exceptional dining experience but delivered in a friendly and warm environment.

For something more hip in the heart of Berlin, and on the pulse of all that drives the city, is the Soho House Hotel.  This is an amazing hotel that pays attention to every detail in design and service, and sets the stage for luxury and glamour.  The facilities, excellent service and fantastic views, guarantee a unique experience. The restaurant offers an exquisite and varied cuisine to suit the taste of each client. Visiting the 7th floor and in the casual and relaxed atmosphere, but surrounded by the hip set, I’m reminded of what a diverse, creative and inspiring city this is.  If you’re in pursuit of luxury, a visit to Berlin will make you question what it means in today’s world and perhaps give you a different view with many varied examples and perfect experiences.

By Mr. Jones

The Screening Room at Soho House Hotel

The Screening Room at Soho House Hotel

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