Luxury is More Affordable Than You Might Think


It’s hard to imagine now, but there was a time when the simple act of boarding an aeroplane was the reserve of the wealthiest in society. Take a look back at some of the advertisements for flying which were produced as recently as the 1950’s and you’ll see images of men in suits and hats and women in cocktail dresses, sipping champagne as they relax in a plane which looks more like a hotel lobby, waited on hand and foot. Nowadays, of course, the average flyer is more likely to be wearing a tracksuit for comforts sake, whilst sitting in the seat of a budget aeroplane and deciding whether they want to pay the inflated cost of a drink whilst travelling. In some ways, this might seem like a shame – after all, who doesn’t want to enjoy a spot of glamour and excitement? The flipside, however, is that now the option of flying to fascinating, exciting and exotic foreign locations is open to people from all walks of life, meaning that virtually anyone can explore the world and the variety which the differing cultures have to offer. It’s easy to forget, for example, the children who now get to regularly enjoy a glimpse of life in a foreign country but who, in previous generations, might rarely have travelled past the end of their own street.

Another plus side of this democratisation of travel is that more and more people get to enjoy the indulgence of luxury accommodation. A range of luxury hotels situated all around the world, and does so at prices which bring them well within the reach of ordinary people. Not only are the basic prices more affordable than they’ve ever been but there are special luxury hotel offers which mean that even more people will be tempted to sample the 5 star lifestyle. The offers might include simple temporary reductions or deals on a certain number of nights, but since they are always changing it’s worth checking on a regular basis in the hope of spotting a particular bargain.

Although all luxury hotels share similar basic levels of service – things such as 24 hour room service, free in room WIFI and complimentary designer bathing products – they all also go out of their way to offer things which act as unique selling points, little (or not so little) touches which will tempt guests to choose them above any other hotel. Some hotels, for example, incorporate full scale spa facilities within the building, meaning that a simple stay can also include a range of treatments such as facials and massages, and the kind of pampering which would normally be associated with a dedicated health club. At another luxury hotel, the main selling point might be the presence of a Michelin starred restaurant, whilst others make a special virtue out of the warm welcome they extend to people travelling with young children. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it, and find it priced at a special offer aimed at bringing it within your budget.

By Mr. Jones