Feel the power at the Rafayel

Hotel Information

The Rafayel is a hotel that is very much a thing of the newly-branded ‘Left bank’ of the Thames, rather than anything that might be described as the ‘South Bank’.

While the latter is distinctly London, the left bank, at least as far as the Rafayel is concerned, is deeply cosmopolitan. If it sounds like something in Paris, the Seine is barely the beginning of the riverside concepts that can be experienced in its suites. The Yangtze, the Mississippi, the Nile and the Amazon join the Thames in offering a global combination of styles and philosophy.

The Nile Suites have a distinctly African tone about them, both in their art and furniture, while also being wonderfully spacious. The Amazon suites are positively cavernous, located below the roof with the slope in the ceiling adding to this effect, while the huge king-sized bed and large TV reinforce the sense of cosiness and luxury.Whether it is in these exceptional rooms or any of the others at the hotel, five-star quality comes assured. All the rooms come with minibars, Wi-Fi, workstations, free wireless and cable internet, plus tea and coffee-making facilities.  The location of the hotel is an exceptional one.

The Left Bank concept places it at the heart of the Nine Elms development area on the Battersea riverside, just across the Thames from the myriad attractions of west London. All around is the sign of a vibrant new area of the capital rising up, symbolised by the redevelopment of Battersea Power Station.  Apart from these aspects, the hotel is distinctly green in its outlook. Not only does it have themes from around the globe, but a policy of planet care as well.Among its policies are the use of LED lighting to save electricity, an outstanding low-energy air conditioning system, an air ventilation system with 70 per cent heat recovery, a bamboo garden, rainwater harvesting, the use of organic and fair trade products in the minibars, recycled leather furnishings, recycling of paper and glass and an almost paper-free environment.  This is a modern hotel with a real commitment to the environment.

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