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There is far more to Ireland and Dublin than its most famous alcoholic produce, but there is no denying that Guinness and Whiskey are big draws for many visitors. For that reason, anyone staying at a luxury hotel in Dublin is likely to be very interested in checking out the local tipples – and that can involve doing far more than popping down to the nearest bar.

Irish Whiskey Museum

The Irish Whiskey Museum is located just south of the River Liffey, next to Trinity College. It is the first museum of its kind in the world and unlike any distillery you may visit, it is quite independent of any particular brand. That means you can enjoy tasting some great samples of the amber stuff without being told which ones you should like most. Set in an historic building with great views across to the college, it offers a great journey through the history of Irish whiskey making, using plenty of interactive modern media to help tell the story of an industry with a grand history. Learn how the industry began, how it rose, fell and rose again, plus what makes Irish whiskey different from Scottish varieties. Visitors can either explore on a standard ticket or upgrade to VIP status and enjoy a sampling of an aged mature whiskey and get a unique souvenir to take home.

Guinness Storehouse

The Guinness Storehouse is located at the famous St James’s Brewery, the biggest tourist attraction in Ireland. Inside, you can learn all about the brewing process involved in producing this infamous stout, which has been made at the site since 1759. The tour of the impressive seven-storey building begins at the foot of the atrium, where the biggest Guinness glass ever towers overhead. Were it filled with the black stuff it would contain 14.3 million gallons. Master brewer Fergal Murray will talk visitors through the brewing process, while on the fourth floor everyone gets the chance to pull their perfect pint. Once the trip reaches the very top of the building, you can enjoy the panoramic 360 degree view over the city from the Gravity Bar. Put together, these wonderful establishments will provide a chance to learn about the creation of these fine tipples in the best possible way.

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