What does luxury really mean?


The word luxury gets thrown about a lot, so this can leave us wondering what luxury really means.

Why is that brand of coffee considered luxury? Why are these considered luxury towels? And what makes this specific hotel luxury?

When we’re paying for something that’s considered luxury, we need it to mean something specific. Using the word to describe a hotel doesn’t mean that it’s better than any other. It needs to really be shown in what it is that that hotel can offer its customers. The hospitality industry generally accepts hotel star ratings designated by Forbes, AAA, and other critically-minded organisations.

But there are no set standards for luxury hotels, leaving both four-star and five-star hotels describing themselves this way. Hotel guests paying higher rates have a right to expect certain luxury hotel standards, in service, in rooms, in dining, and in everything else a good hotel offers.

The customer should see a noticeable difference in every aspect of their hotel stay, from the booking process right through until they leave.┬áIf the hotel guest has paid a premium price, then they will expect to be treated as such. If they ask for a specific type of room, then naturally the luxury they’re paying for should ensure they receive it. In addition, the room should really have that essence of luxury about it. A worn out room with dust on the window ledges won’t cut it if you’re offering a luxury experience. Rooms should be spotless, with comfortable beds and all the essential amenities the guest expects.

The hotel restaurant also says a lot about the level of luxury you are providing. If the quality of the food is low, then the hotel itself will be perceived as low quality. A well thought out menu delivered by a high-quality chef will go a long way towards offering that luxury that is being paid for.

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