What Does Luxury Mean Today?


Time after time I am challenged with the question of “What is Luxury?” The possession of luxury has been around since ancient times and economic growth has made luxury accessible to more people. The desire of luxury however has been continually evolving and transforming. In today’s world, providers or luxury now have to try much harder to surprise us. Some years ago, the simple act of traveling by plane or buy a silk fabric was considered as something unique and something that not everybody could afford.  Luxury occupies an important place in the consumer’s mind and immediately implied ‘consumption’. We use luxury to express ourselves, as a judge of others and their position in society.   Although, not everything is a material luxury, it doesn’t have to be a yacht or an expensive car; luxury is also associated with beauty, aesthetics and sensory.

If you look for the word ‘luxury’ in the dictionary you will find different meanings for it. One of them says “an inessential, desirable item which is expensive or difficult to obtain”. But what does luxury mean to you?

On my way back from Poland, a magazine made me question the meaning of such a diffused and fascinating word as luxury. The magazine was called “Book of Luxury” – a guide to the most luxurious places in Poland and brands – and inside, appeared an article where Polish professionals from different sectors of the luxury are giving their opinion on the concept of the word.  I was fascinated by the thoughts they shared.

Radoslaw Krapiec, a Deputy Editor In – Chief of the magazine “Sukces“, says: “First of all, luxury is not for masses”.  Radoslaw says luxury is about the way we feel.  Whether it’s having a luxurious car, a prestigious house, or even members of an exclusive club, luxury should make you feel special.

Maciej Zien, a Fashion and Interior Designer, affirms that luxury also means “well-tailored, comfortable clothes, made of the best fabrics”. Maciej talks about quality and exclusivity, but at the same time she also makes a reference to the time, the moment that she can totally devote herself to designing. Monika Stukonis, editor-in-chief of Polish edition of “Elle” Magazine, holds the same view, adding that luxury for her is a lazy weekend with her 12-year old daughter.

Time has become the new luxury for everyone. I agree with the fact that “nobody is bitter sweet”, but still, when we ask for the definition of luxury, the answers include many references to time and freedom. Dr Irena Eris, a founder and a co-owner of “Laboratorium Kosmetyzcne Dr Irena Eris” company, added: “finding a balance in our daily life”. Irine says luxury is a matter of happiness, making her desires come true and sharing her passions with a real friend and her husband.

Dr Irena Eris, Radoslaw Krapiec, Monika Stukonis, Maciej Zien

When thinking about tangible luxuries, it seems there are also many varied opinions.  We all have our own set descriptions of what it means to us and what luxury is. It is what we choose and it can depend on who you are, or the stage in life you are at.  It can be as simple as what you “wish” at that very moment.  Whatever it may be, there is no doubt that the real luxury is to have the option of choice.

By Mr. Jones

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