What are the most extravagant things you can order on room service?


When we think of room service, we usually think of a quick and easy meal that we can have in our room when we’re in a rush or have work that has to be done. It’s notoriously expensive and can be slow if it’s not booked in advance.

However, luxury hotels around the world are changing the tides and really turning it into a premium experience. These gems of hospitality will gladly deliver some of their Michelin-starred food to you, post haste. This does come at a cost though, and gratuities aren’t included but will generally be expected. This offering really takes luxury travel to the next level.

If you want to enjoy lobster and champagne in your bathrobe then you can. That is if you have the money to spend on such luxuries. Generally you’ll pay more for food that’s delivered from room service in these luxury hotels. This is because your order is made fresh as soon as you’d like it. You don’t need to wait for the food, but you do pay for this luxury. So if this is what takes your fancy, then it can really add that layer of luxury to your holiday. You don’t need to order a pizza from the local takeaway or go out to a restaurant if you don’t fancy it.

Kick back and relax in your room, knowing that you’re getting the finest food delivered speedily and with great service. Just make sure to tip, else the next time you order it might not be quite as quick or as beautifully presented.

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