Visit the Crystal Resort at Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan


With an unrivalled location on the shores of the stunning Sun Moon Lake, the Crystal Resort in Taiwan is the epitome of contemporary elegance.

Perfectly placed to explore the beautiful scenery and rich cultural history of the area, from here you have the benefit of Taiwan’s best attractions.This resort is surrounded by some of central Taiwan’s most pictures que features.

Often known as Thao territory, the area is home to a Taiwanese aborigine people who have lived there since the Qing Dynasty. Just one minute from the beautiful scenery of the Ita Thao Pier of Sun Moon Lake in central Taiwan, this resort sits at one of the most picturesque locations in the world. The body of water was named because its rounded main section resembles the sun, with a thin crescent ‘moon’ around the outside. The emerald green water of the lake brings the area to life. Take a walk along the lakeside path, which is dotted with temples and pavilions along the way.

Nearby you can also find the Ci En Pagoda temple. This beautiful nine-storey feature was built by late President Chiang Kai-shek in 1971 in memory of his mother. To get the best views of the Sun Moon Lake, you shouldn’t miss out on the ropeway. Ride in the cable cars across the lake and take in the beautiful scenery that spreads across the horizon. See Dajhuhu, the spring where the water enters the lake from the high mountain streams around the town of Wushe in Renai. Watch as the water shoots up from the underground channels that carry it from the streams and arcs mesmerisingly into the lake. The beauty of this area is unmatched, and is the perfect serene destination for a relaxed break.

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