Visit Italy and the Festa de Nontari


There are a wealth of celebrations and festivals happening in Italy all year round, with one of the most popular being the Festa de Nontari. This lively street fair takes place in the Trastevere District of Rome, and runs over the last two weeks of July.Located on the left bank of the capital city, the Trastevere District is full of winding cobbled streets and medieval-era buildings. There are plenty of bars, restaurants and cafes available if you need a respite from the festivities, as well as a lively nightlife if you want to continue celebrating after the sun goes down.  

Festa de Nontar, which means ‘Our Festival’ in English, is a hit with tourists and locals alike. Everyone is swept up into the fair-like atmosphere, with parishes, convents and monasteries joining in the with the merriment. The festival, which dates back to the 16-century, was originally organised to honour the feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel, but has been transformed into a celebration of the region’s working-class heritage.Festa de Nontar is kicked off with a procession that is led through the streets by an elaborately dressed statue of the Virgin Mary. For the next two weeks, the Trastevere District is then brimming with activity and life. You will encounter vendors and stalls selling handcrafted goods and delicious food, street theatre performances and cultural celebrations that will leave you thoroughly entertained .Music and dance flow through the streets like a river, sweeping up everyone in its wake, creating a spirited and boisterous atmosphere.To get the most out of the Festa de Nontar, you should look for hotels in the Trastevere District.

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