Try something different for your winter holiday


Are you looking for a unique destination for your winter holiday? Why not visit the Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel in Valais Suisse, an Alpine resort in southern Switzerland? The innovative pod accommodation is designed to combine both ecology and luxury, offering you a truly unique holiday experience. With all the comfort of a traditional hotel, the pods are your very own cocoon looking out across the breathtaking landscape of the Alps.

As well as the opportunities for relaxation, the resort offers a range of outdoor activities. Whitepod manages its own ski slopes, which are exclusively open for guests. With two ski-lifts and seven kilometres of red and blue slopes, both beginners and experienced skiers can have fun on the slopes. If you’re looking for something a bit different, why not go on a dog-sledding ride through the mountains? Or for the more adventurous traveller, you can learn how to drive and guide your own sled pulled by dogs. This isn’t for the faint-hearted though as it involves a lot of physical activity.

To get the most spectacular views of the mountains, you can take to the skies and paraglide over the Alps with a certified instructor. Experience the thrills of flying with a 360 degree view. If you have children, then the family guided hiking tour is a must. While hiking through the forest, the guide tells a story, bringing to life the alpine animals. A variety of games and stories offer the perfect activity for the whole family to enjoy.

For those who really do just want to relax though, the spa offers a range of treatment options, and you can even arrange for meals to be delivered direct to your pod if you want to create your own independent experience. The calm atmosphere and relaxing beauty of the Alps provide the perfect spot for your winter holiday.

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