Try a Christmas cocktail with class


The festive period is a great time to get out and party, and you won’t have to be a socialite to get to quite a few evening occasions. That being the case, it might be nice to try something a little novel, such as a cocktail you might never have heard of.

At luxury Hotels we have ways of ensuring that we can go a bit further, with a famous barman from one of our hotels able to mix up some of the most extraordinary cocktails you could imagine. For example, you could try a Candy Cane Mojito. This features six tablespoons of rum, two tablespoons of crushed peppermint candies (or candy canes), a cup of fresh mint leaves, sparkling water and crushed ice. It all comes out looking pretty in pink, with some red and white striped candy canes sticking out. A Santa’s Beard gin and tonic is a pretty appropriate sounding drink and definitely one to try. It also has some crushed candy, but the most telling feature is the half glass of liqueur in it, either a white chocolate flavour or pale Irish cream – there will also be a hint of peppermint and the crushed candy will go on top.

If you really want the cocktail to end all Christmases, go for the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. This was originally the stuff of fiction, a hugely potent cocktail featured in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. The real thing is based on the description of the drink in the book. It contains one tablespoon each of gin, light rum, vodka and tequila, two tablespoons of creme de menthe liqueur, two tablespoons of Galliano, a slice of lemon and a cup of ice cubes crushed in, all of which will come together to make you feel like you have just just gone into hyperspace. Most people will not go that far, but with a huge array of novel, delicious, fascinating and innovative luxury cocktails to go for, why stick with the familiar?

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