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If you’re planning to go travelling, you’re probably wondering how much stuff you can squeeze into your bag. Well, stop for a second and think about whether or not you really need all of those things. A few jumpers in case you get cold … in the height of Thailand’s summer?

Taking one is a great idea, but you really don’t need a variety of outfits. You’ll just find yourself too hot from carrying around a bag that’s twice as heavy because of everything you’ve managed to get in there. Instead of just putting things into your bag until you really can’t get one more thing in there, why don’t you try a more strategic approach? Lay out everything that you want to pack and work from there.

Eliminate the items that are non-essentials, then have some that are optional luxuries. Pack everything that you know you can’t go without – such as underwear, a toothbrush and a swimsuit – and then add in a couple of luxuries if you really think you’ll need them. Don’t forget – there are shops all over the world. In fact, in many countries, you’ll be able to pick up essentials at just a fraction of the cost that you’d pay in the UK – so why not give your back a bit of a break from carrying around a heavy bag and just pick up a few things when you get to your destination? Even if this means spending a little bit in every destination that you reach, the benefits will likely far outweigh the cost.

However, try to leave a bit of space in your bag when you leave so that you can fit in these extra items you pick up, or any souvenirs that you may want to keep.

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