Three stars for the Althoff


Cologne may be more famous for its historic scents and imposing cathedral than for its gastronomy, but one luxury hotel and, more specifically, one world-class chef are more than playing their part in putting the German city on the gastronomic map. The restaurant Vendome, which is attached to the five-star Althoff Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg Hotel just outside of downtown Cologne, has won a spate of major awards over the past few years. Most notably, it has been given an incredible three coveted Michelin stars, putting it on a par with some of the most famous culinary destinations on the planet.

What’s more, Joachim Wissler, who has worked with his team to make this one of Germany’s prime culinary destinations, has been named the country’s finest chef and continues to push the boundaries as he fuses traditional dishes with contemporary trends. And, as might be expected of such a fine restaurant attached to a premier luxury hotel, the Vendome’s cellar has also been the subject of international praise, with the in-house sommelier ranked among the finest in Europe. However, it’s not just the standard of the dining that has helped make the Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg the only place to stay in Cologne. For starters, there’s the location. The luxury hotel is nestled in the Bay of Cologne, offering breath-taking views of the iconic cathedral. And, on the inside, the hotel is equally as impressive, boasting 120 luxurious rooms and suites that combine traditional elegance with contemporary chic and the latest in-room technology.Additionally, this grand hotel also boasts a state-of-the-art spa and wellbeing centre.

Awarded the prestigious Wellness Aphrodite mark, the spa is specially designed to indulge the mind as well as the body, with single luxurious cabins and a night pool offering amazing views of the star-filled night sky making it particularly popular with couples opting for a romantic break in the magical city of Cologne. To really enjoy the best that the hotel has to offer, special ‘Gourmet Packages’ are available, giving guests the chance to combine luxury accommodation with world-class Michelin-starred food, complete with a champagne reception upon arrival and a culinary gift on departure.

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