The top five Marrakech adventures


Visitors to Marrakech can enjoy staying in some luxurious hotels with great facilities, but there is no doubt the best thing to do is head out for a brilliant day trip, with some stupendous adventures. Here are five of the best:

Trek in the Atlas Mountains

The mountains offer some wonderful, rugged scenery, with the arid but lofty peaks providing some great days of walking. The trips include a chance to enjoy the hospitality of the Berber people. Unusual activities include sand boarding, which really is like snowboarding, only with sand instead of snow. Keen trekkers and mountain bikers do need to be good physical condition for any of these activities, although the good news is the altitude will mean temperatures will be cooler than down in Marrakech.

Mountain Biking in the Atlas Mountains

Mountain biking is great fun in any mountain range and it is certainly so in the Atlas range, with some superb tailor-made routes that are not too bumpy and allow riders to hurtle downhill while enjoying some fantastic views.

Camel riding in the Sahara desert

The Sahara Desert is the largest in the world and this vast arid region may seem like the bleakest place on Earth. However, a visit there will show this to be far from the case, with quite a lot of life clinging on in a hostile environment. Of course, no animal is better suited to life in the desert than a camel – and riding one of these is something that should be on everyone’s to-do list. These gentle animals are very friendly and it is certain that nobody will get the hump from riding them.


Day trips to cities are often a great way to discover culture, heritage and architecture. Agadir, however, is one of the most modern cities in the country, being largely rebuilt after an earthquake in the 1960s. It has delightful beaches and good spots to eat, drink and play golf.


This historic port city is a great place to visit for its history. With its fishing harbour and fortified walls, it is described by Lonely Planet as a city that looks as if it could be in Brittany. These are five outstanding trips that can all be made from Marrakech – and make a good holiday into a superb one.

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