St. George Residence, Buda Castle – a hotel steeped in history


There are many people who like their hotels to be modern, with lots of steel, glass and neon as the latest fashions in architecture and decor are given free reign. However, for some the preference is for a place that, while offering great facilities, also has lots of history. The St George Residence in Buda Castle certainly fits into the second category. The Castle was once home to the monarchs and emperors of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, although the interior was stripped of its treasures at the end of the Second World War, firstly by the Nazis before they fled, then what was left was taken by the invading Soviets. Now restored, the castle lacks nothing in grandeur inside or out and it is the home of various festivals and events through the year. It is in this setting that the St. George Residence is based.

There has been a hotel in the castle since 1785 but the modern version is as opulent as can be imagined, whether it is the ornate arches, the gold-leaf trim, the chandeliers or the immaculate lawns. The suites come in four categories of luxury: Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each of them is a superb place to stay, with high ceilings, smart modern wood flooring and large, cosy double beds being features of every room. The furniture and fittings are wonderfully ornate and each room is highly spacious and gets lots of natural light. The grandeur of the castle and the splendour of the rooms is not all that guests can enjoy. The hotel has a fine restaurant, where excellent food includes daily specials and a number of seasonal dishes. The restaurant can host up to 80 guests, making it ideal for weddings, banquets and large business meetings, where guests are sure to be impressed by the historic surroundings, lovely frescoes and architecture dating back a century and more.

In short, if you are looking for a hotel in Budapest that is steeped in the city’s history, then come and stay, sleep and dine where kings and emperors once lived.

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