Spend a perfect winter weekend at the Royal Horseguards Hotel


The recent weather may have been mild, but it will soon be cold again and with the days so short, there is no doubt visitors to London will be looking for some great indoor things to do. While there is a myriad of such attractions to enjoy around the metropolis, visitors will also want to find a hotel that is perfect for the occasion and nobody can go wrong with the Royal Horseguards Hotel. A magnificent edifice by the embankment, the hotel offers the very best of luxury hospitality in the capital. Not only will you be warm and snug in your room, but the inside of the hotel will be so light, bright and cosy it will be easy to forget it is winter outside.

Of course, there will be plenty of good reasons to look out of the window, with some magnificent vistas across the Thames towards the London Eye on the South Bank, as well as many other iconic landmarks. The restaurants offer some fine sights, although if you want the best of them all, try the Tower Suite, which is indeed in the most lofty position and offers a 270-degree view across central London. If the views are great, so too is the interior. The magnificent chandeliers and original tiled floors combine with contemporary design to ensure guests experience the best of everything, while those with an interest in the heritage of the building will note it was once home to the first chief of MI6, Sir Mansfield Cumming.

While all these elements make the hotel a wonderful place to stay, its location also makes it an excellent base for days out. Located in Whitehall, it is very close to Horseguards Parade, the former Cabinet War Office Rooms, the Palace of Westminster, Trafalgar Square and the West End.It is also close to several Tube stations, making it easy to get around London and see more attractions. So if you are visiting London for a weekend in winter, look no further than the Royal Horseguards Hotel.

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