Seeing is Believing in Dubai


When thinking of luxury destinations we often think of the splendour of Venice, the elegance of Monaco or indulgence of Mauritius.  These places have evolved over years and depend on engineering, design and rich cultural heritage.  There is no need to wonder how such places have developed as all you need to do is visit Dubai to see one of the world most fascinating luxury destinations unfolding before your eyes.

Here it seems that the truth is stranger than fiction.  In just a few short years Dubai, one of seven emirates that form the United Arab Emirates, has decided to reclaim land from the sea in much the same way medieval Venice did.  Dubai has created a magnificent island shaped like a palm tree that stretches out into the Persian Gulf.  With this development and with Expo 2020 on the horizon, it is clear that Dubai has no plans to stop.

“The World” which will have 300 artificial islands that shape the world map, “The Universe” where they would like  to recreate the sun, the moon and the planets in our solar system, or “The Palm Islands” – Jumeirah, Jebel Ali and Deira – with the form of tree dates;  are some of the projects that will delight you.

Palm Jumeirah

This time I would like to focus on The Palm Jumeirah, or ‘’The Palm”, which is formed by a 5 kilometre trunk that serves as the main avenue of the island, a crown with 17 fronds (branches) stretch out to another 5 kilometre, and it’s surrounded by a crescent of 11 kilometres to form a breakwater to protect the many luxury residences, private beaches and luxury hotels.  It has an incredible underwater tunnel which connects with the entire complex and a famous monorail, which serves as public transport connecting the island with the mainland.  It is without doubt that The Palm is considered one of the international symbols of Dubai.

By Mr. Jones

Dubai, Luxury

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