Responsible Services in the Luxury Market


At this moment we can find new resources in the fashion industry, working with the organic cotton, the algae or even fabrics created by recycled paper which are eliminating the of use the chemicals and the synthetic materials. Giorgio Armani, Jil Sander , Moschino , Stella McCartney, Yves Saint Laurent , Calvin Klein , Givenchy, Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren and Versace are some of the followers of this trend, being conscious about their materials which must be pure and about the transparency of the production.

Last year, Coca Cola and music artist joined forces to create the brand Ekocyle. Under this brand name you can discover fashion items that are partially made from recycled supplies. Its philosophy is about environmental responsibility to educate people to use recycling as a lifestyle and to buy sustainable products. Ekocyle creates exclusive new materials through recycling plastic bottles and aluminium cans. Levi’s and Adidas are some of the brands that have collaborated with Ekocyle and have even created a line of men’s suits designed by H Brothers.


I should also mention another very interesting example. It is about the pioneering brand called Maiyet. It is an exclusive fashion brand which sells clothing and accessories and is based on the union of artisans around the world. That means that it can rescue traditions from remote places such as Indonesia, Kenya and Mongolia. Subsequently, this brand puts under the same name products, apparel and craft techniques of different people from all over the world. Maiyet is a member of the cooperation of Nest, a non -profit organization dedicated to the training of artisans in order to be able in the future to promote their own work. This helps in improving the lives of the producers while creating unique and amazing pieces.

There is an association run by hotels and for hotels in UK, which cares for the planet and social responsibility, its name is Considerate Hoteliers (CH). Every year, they celebrate the Award Ceremony to give recognition to the hotel industry for their hard work during the year and demonstrate that they are not only concerned about their business but they also care about their guests, employees and the environment. This year the ceremony will take place on 13th of June 2014 at the prestigious CH member Langham Hotel, London.

Considerate Hoteliers

Considerate Hoteliers

One Aldwych, perfectly located in London’s Covent Garden, is a good example of luxury ecotourism ensuring a new concept where the main philosophy is to offer responsible luxury to each guest. It is a hotel considered environmentally friendly. Some of the responsibilities that One Aldwych has are: a complete recycling organization with plastics, papers or cooking oil (among many others), an EVAC drainage system which uses 80% less of water, a LED illumination to reduce energy consumption lighting, a bio-degradable packaging for in-room comforts, the use of local, seasonal food and organic products in their kitchen and a chlorine-free swimming pool. They are embracing sustainable tourism being an ecological place to stay. They have been awarded on different occasions, receiving the Green Business Award from the European Regional Development Fund for the biggest total carbon saving in 2012 and the gold category award from the Green Tourism for London 2010.

If we talk about London, we cannot miss to mention the wonderful Savoy that delights us with their installations and astounding views to the River Thames since 1889. Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Harry Truman or Elizabeth Taylor are some of the guests who have stayed at The Savoy. It is a Fairmont Managed hotel with a Gold Award Certification from the Green Business Tourism Scheme 2010, 2011, 2012 – among many other awards. The Gordon Ramsay’s Savoy Grill is one of their delicious restaurants and as well has the Thames Foyer which prepares the afternoon tea. Their gorgeous rooms are decorated with an Art Deco style and it is merged with the most actual eco green technology. The Savoy is devoted to supporting sustainable tourism and has special amenities to offer to their guests, like the ‘Elements Stay Package’, with local cultural activities and events to enjoy an exciting an ecologically stay. Also they are member of the Thames21 charity, supporting to renovate the abandoned and littered London waterways.



If you are a voyager person and you love the magical escapes, only a few hours from London, at north Cornish coast, in Corwall, we find The Scarlet. An ecological boutique beach hotel that would make you feel like in the paradise. There, you will enjoy the natural beauty and environmental friendly luxury. Each room is fully equipped and has its own individual external space offering lovely views. To charge your batteries, you can relax in its spa, one of the greenest in Britain, or you can enjoy great food at its restaurant with fresh and organic seasonal gourmet menus. The place is prepared to reduce its impact on the environment with renewable energy sources, biomass boiler, green roof and many other energy-saving structures.

By Mr. Jones


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