Musical magic in Budapest


There is no doubt a visit to Budapest is something to stir the soul. It may be the city’s rich history, its grand architecture, strolls along the banks of the majestic River Danube, or the vibrancy that has characterised the Hungarian capital since its emergence from the yoke of Communism. However, there is no doubt that this is a city with much for music lovers to enjoy, with fine orchestras and concert halls, not to mention one luxury hotel with a major focus on good music and entertainment.

The Aria Hotel is simply perfect for music lovers. The theme is to be seen throughout, not least in places like the music garden, where even the tiles on the floor look like the keys of a piano. A real piano will be played constantly while guests relax and enjoy cocktails and look up through the glass ceiling, where they can enjoy a fine view of the night sky and across the city. For an even better view, the Highnote Skybar combines live music with a chance to sunbathe by day, stargaze at night and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and a grand view of the city at any time.┬áInside, the Teatro Aria offers a nightly programme of video performances chosen by the hotel’s own director of music. Ideal for a quick visit after the serving of cheese and wine in the afternoon, this is also a venue that can be used for customised musical events, such as in meetings or wedding receptions.

All this is complemented by some very fine dining in the Stradivari restaurant, with casual and sophisticated bistro dining, with a concept based on the famous Stradivari violin. The food is sourced, prepared and served according to the farm-to-table concept.Add in some fine after-dinner drinks in the bar with jazz music playing in the background, and there is no doubt that the Aria is a concept hotel that takes eating, drinking and the appreciation of music to another level.

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