Make 2016 your year of travel


No time of year tends to focus the mind more than the start. The beginning of January means looking ahead to 12 months of life with all kinds of possibilities and adventures. Also, with Christmas out of the way, it is the perfect opportunity to clear the decks and focus on a new goal.

Of course, for some a new year’s resolution can be a waste of time. You may pledge, for example, that you will give up chocolate and join a gym to lose some exercise. Neither promise lasts as far as February. You might then at least try giving up chocolate for lent, but even if you succeed the object is defeated by the gigantic Easter egg binge that comes at the end. This year, instead of making a pledge you are unlikely to keep, try something positive instead – and what could be better than travelling more? By doing this, you will get to see places you might always have wanted to see but never got round to. It could involve new activities, cultural and culinary experiences, and even the chance to make new friends in far-off places.

Besides all that, it will help expand your knowledge of the world and, perhaps, provide the inspiration and ideas you need to do something that really helps you make progress in some areas of your life. So, while others plan to try something they might not continue beyond January 2nd, pledge to draw up a list of places to go and see. Plan your budgets to set aside some cash.

Check out some luxury hotels and think about what it is you want to do most. You might, for example, want to head to Scandinavia and see the Northern Lights while it is still winter, get some early sunshine with a trip to the tropics in April, and use the summer for some great city breaks around Europe. Whatever you do, the best thing of all about this resolution is that, not only will it be one you remember making, but you’ll be forever glad you did as you look back on 2016 as a great year of travel.

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