M by Montcalm is now open


London has never been short of luxury hotels, but that does not mean the capital will not benefit from another one. This is particularly true when it comes to to M for Montcalm, a new member of LHG located in Shoreditch.

Situated just east of the City, Shoreditch has traditionally been considered part of the East End and not the most fashionable of districts, but that situation has been changing rapidly with the development of the area as one of the most exciting tech hubs in the world, adjacent to the famous Old Street ‘Silicon Roundabout’. With Old Street providing a Tube connection via the Northern Line, getting around London to meetings is easy, although anything involving a tech company is not likely to involve a long journey. Even so, it means you can make the most of your stay by accessing any business or leisure premises in central London very easily.

If the location is outstanding, so too is what you will find inside. M is very much the brother of Montcalm, which means that like any little brother it will come with much of the same DNA – hence the style and sophistication evident in the decor – while demonstrating some distinct character traits of its own, such as a restless energy.┬áNaturally enough in such a high-tech place, complimentary Wi-Fi is available throughout the building and the contemporary style is evident in each of the 269 beautiful and luxurious rooms.

With a spa, pool, and two bars and restaurants, there is every opportunity to relax, eat and drink in style and comfort too. The eating and drinking choices are different but complementary: Tonic and Remedy is emerging as one of the bars and restaurants of choice for the emerging Silicon Roundabout set, while a second restaurant is set to open soon on the 17th floor, with a Michelin-starred chef and panoramic views over London.  This new hotel is not just M by Montcalm. It is also M for marvellous, magnificent and modern.

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